Oct. 2nd, 2009

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It’s been a while since I wrote anything notable on my blog. Perhaps this is because my notability filter tends to kick in before I even start writing (i.e. “I should write something in my blog. Maybe I could blog about blah. Nah, boring.”) But fuck it, this isn’t Wikipedia! So, I’ll just start writing and post whatever comes out. I’ve been doing a couple of things of note recently, in fact:

Starting my course

I’ve finished the second week of my masters course, and am enjoying it more than any of the other things I’ve had to do which involve lots of hard work. The lectures/seminars have been mostly interesting so far, and my classmates seem really cool. The atmosphere is pretty laid back and friendly, and everyone seems eager to help one another. In particular, a girl who did her undergrad here makes sure that everyone knows where the various locations are, which is great as the timetabling has left quite a lot to be desired. They seem to have sorted it out now, but for the first week it got pretty disorientating going to lectures and finding out that either the place or time was wrong.

The course is structured in three terms: in the first one we have seminars and lectures to attend, and have a 3000 word essay to hand in halfway through January. After that, we can either do two short lab projects, or one long one. The pace is comfortable just now, but I expect it will pick up a lot.


Those of you who read pozorvlak’s blog will know that I’ve started cycling. I did learn as a child, but pretty much abandoned it after the age of 10 (when I outgrew my bike). I found out that you don’t forget how, exactly, but you don’t exactly remember either. After building up confidence riding on grass and cycle paths, I tried going on the roads. Which is still kind of a work in process. I have never driven in my life and being part of traffic is unfamiliar and scary. It doesn’t help that I’m not well balanced enough to give clear signals. I do try but I wobble alarmingly. It occurs to me I should probably practice this away from traffic. Also, I am even more aware of what awful, inconsiderate drivers are on the roads. I was a guy pull a u-turn through a red light last week.

However, I’ve been liking it a lot. Though I find some situations on the road hard to deal with (getting through narrow gaps, having a car behind me that can’t overtake, not being able to get off the road) I love coasting down hills enough to balance all of that out. I also feel proud for overcoming the intense fear I had over getting back in the saddle (I really hate falling over. Hate. It.)


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