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Dear Ms MacGlone

RE: Animal Diversity

The above mentioned item has been found and all related charges/fines have
now been cleared from your library record. Please accept our apologies for
any inconvenience caused.

With compliments
Lending Services Supervisor

Lending Services
Glasgow University Library

All my tests are done or handed in now.

I got about 3 hrs of sleep last night, so my Phs sys test this morning was a lot of fun :) It went quite well in spite of everything though. I got a cute little pair of pink wellies for my niece for her Christmas, and Miles gave me coffee. Am currently in Boy George building eating pesto and feta salad. Woo :)


Oct. 21st, 2005 05:24 pm
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Got up at 8 today after too little sleep, did a Neuroscience practical, had an lecture, ran around getting flyers )printed for P&P, ran around flyering the QM, stalled, then wandered around campus trying to find the Anatomy Museum. By the time I'd found it, it was shut. Going to the Millenium Platter in a bit for the first P&P social event. Being an executive member is exhausting :(

But tonight, I'm going to bed at 9pm! Nyahahah!
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The guy on the computer behind me is looking at porn.


I think I'll go now...


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