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I was just looking at the BBC website and saw this image on the front page:

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Is it just my filthy, filthy mind working overtime, or is this an immediate candidate for Viz's Up the Arse column?
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BEEB bosses have gone ballistic after discovering the Daleks are starring in a PORN FLICK. (possibly NSFW: has naked breasties in.)

I should really get round to posting something non sexual one of these days.

Sick joke

Oct. 19th, 2005 10:43 am
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A boy was upstairs playing on his computer when his grandad came in the room and sat down on the bed.
"What are you doing?", Asked the grandad. "You're 18 years old and wasting your life! When I was 18 I went to Paris, I went to the Moulan Rouge, drank all night, had my way with the dancers, pissed on the barman and left without paying! Now that is how to have a good time!"

A week later, the grandfather comes to visit again. He finds the boy still in his room, but with a broken arm in plaster, 2 black eyes and missing all his front teeth.

"What happened?", he asked.

"Oh Grandfather!", replied the boy. "I did what you did! I went to Paris, went to the Moulan Rouge, drank all night, had my way with the dancers, pissed all over the barman, and they beat the crap out of me!"

"Oh dear!", replied the grandad. "Who did you go with?"

"Just some friends, why? Who did you go with?"

"Oh!" replied the grandad. "The SS."

Good Jesus

Oct. 1st, 2005 04:09 pm
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Was just looking at some vegan sites and saw this:

Lady and turkey



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